LG C1 48 OLED and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 review: battle of the monster screens

Though the Neo G9 has a slightly better response time, it’s not really noticeable. It was more than a driver update from Nvidia…The monitor needed a firmware update also wich was made in colaboration with NVIDIA. Then I realized one missing feature – there is no brightness adjustment in Samsung’s utility. I tried using Twinkle Tray and that’s when I found out that this monitor doesn’t support DDC/CI. In short, DDC/CI enables the monitor’s brightness to be changed via Windows without touching the OSD menu. Calibrating it reduced the deltaE average to 1.07 which is slightly better and a bit more balanced.

Playing games like Valorant and Halo on such a wide screen made me a little nauseated from motion sickness due to the wide field of view and rapid movement. If you easily get motion sick, I would not recommend playing at the full resolution of this monitor in FPS games. I ended up searching for solutions to get all of my FPS games to be displayed at 2560x1440p instead. Valorant specifically caused me some headache to get to work properly. In case you guys need a solution for this read below.

Application format

So they have 0GB usage and I can apply firmware update on factory unused drives. Bought a 990 Pro 1TB in Dec 22 for a new PC build C drive. On either Samsung Magician or Crystal Benchmark this drive gave read speeds between about 4,000 and 6,000 MB/s and write speeds of around 1,500 MB/s.

  • So, if you can easily maintain high FPS, you may want to disable FreeSync and use the ‘Fastest’ overdrive option for less ghosting.
  • The monitor has an edge-lit backlight with 8 dimming zones, which can further push the contrast ratio by dimming parts of the screen according to the displayed content.
  • Then just control your television with your iPhone or iPad with the free ControlMeister app.

The Samsung S95B OLED is a better TV than the Sony A90J OLED for most users. The Samsung TV gets a bit brighter in general, and colors are significantly brighter thanks to its new QD-OLED display technology. On the other hand, the Samsung TV sacrifices accuracy in HDR for a more vivid, impactful image, so if image fidelity matters to you, the Sony is a better choice. We retested the peak brightness in HDR with the latest firmware, 1302. The TV no longer produces bright flashes of around 1400 nits in the ‘Movie’ and ‘Game’ modes.

Tenda Modem Firmware Update

If you have an older version of the firmware, you need to update the software of the Odyssey G7. The bloody blue light on the main button also annoys me. I’ve tried both options and it’s on when the unit is in standby mode regardless. I want it to be http://saiseishin.c6.coreserver.jp/2023/04/10/step-by-step-guide-downgrading-samsung-firmware-2 on whilst the unit is on, and off when it’s not, lol.

Top 3 Ways to install TWRP in Ikall

Also appalling that the firmware code just failed when parsing the file instead of applying minimal/default settings and continuing. Sometimes when someone makes a claim like, “my Blu-ray player isn’t connected to the internet,” they have no idea what they’re talking about. Can you let me know if this would work for Region B players? As i did it and now the thing will only play my region 1 dvds. Your only recourse is to buy a new Blu-ray player. Sony has a similar response, saying that they are capable of updating every model they have made, and continue to provide updates to consumers as issues are discovered.

Be sure to disable sleep mode on your computer to prevent your monitor from sleeping during updates. Then go to the utility tab and download the file labeled “Gaming OSD”. After the update is complete, unplug the USB and restart monitor. A forum where Apple customers help each other with their products. And always remove all drives except the one you want, and have backed up data 2x at least.

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